Fruit and Vegetable Exchange
If you have fruit or vegetable plants or seeds you would like to share please add a listing below, or search the listings for the plants you would like to grow.


heather said...

I have a seeds for the following fruit trees:

Jelly Palm, Butia capitata. This palm tree has gray-green feathery leaves and delicious yellow/orange fruits that have a flavor similar to pineapple.

Persimmon (Non-Astringent Variety), Diospyros kaki. Beautiful tree that puts on one of the best displays of fall color. May need to be grafted.

White Sapote, Casimiroa edulis. Delicious fruits with a vanilla/pear/avocado flavor and a custard consistency ripen in fall and winter. Tree has a tropical look.

Coffee, Coffea Arabica. A beautiful plant for shade.

Surinam Cherry, Eugenia uniflora. A large shrub which can be pruned into a tree form. Surinam cherries have beautiful bark, bronze winter color, pretty white flowers, and delicious, spicy fruit.

Carob, Ceratonia siliqua. Densely foliaged tree with edible pods and seeds. Fixes nitrogen.

Contact me a or (323) 620-1320, if you are interested.

Ron said...

I have some amaranth seeds available. I don't know the variety name, but they came from a huge plant with burgundy foliage and large burgundy flower heads. Seed is black. This is a warm season annual the seed is eaten as a grain.

Email me if you want this seed at

Anonymous said...

I have nettle seeds to offer. They make a wonderfully nutritious steamed spring green and can grow to over 12 feet tall. Perennial deciduous often known as stinging nettles.

american_gardener said...

I have a large collection of vegetable seed to trade with. I've been trading for 7 years now so it's quite extensive. About 2000 or so tomato varieties, bout 1000 or so peppers of all kinds, and about 1000 bean varieties. I have 100's of varieties for other vegetable types too. I've been collecting these from all around the world. The only common one that i know i don't have any of is artichokes. I wouldn't mind finding some though.

I'd be interested in trading for just about any kind of vegetable. This year i'm especially looking for colored podded peas. But, i'm interested in anything.

Contact me thru email at

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Saving Tomato Seeds

The technique shown for saving tomato seeds can be applied to all juicy fruits where the seed is encased in a gelatinous substance, from cucumbers to passion fruits. Any seeds that are floating in the liquid after fermentation should be discarded as they are most likely not viable (won't germinate). Make sure you thoroughly dry the seed before storage to prevent rot. Seeds are best stored in a cool dry place.