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Read the listing below to find out more.

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Navigating the Site

Under each category, such as “Why Save Seed,” there is a link to “listings.” By clicking on this link you should be able to view our comments or post your own.

Rules of Exchange

1. You can share plants, cuttings, bulbs, etc. as well as seeds.
2. Share what you have, take what you need. No one to one trades required.
3. Be fair and respectful.
4. The method of exchange (mail, in person, etc.) and location of exchange must be agreed upon by both parties. Suggested locations for exchange: farmer’s markets or neighborhood food sheds.
5. Have fun!

Posting a Listing

You can post information and opinions to any of the categories, but please try to keep posts on topic. For example, post upcoming events relating to seed saving under the “Events” section and french breakfast radish seeds under the “Fruit and Vegetable” section.
Click on the “listings” below the category that you would like to post to. At the bottom of the listings there will be a box where you can leave your comments.
Please list the types of seeds or plants you have to offer. Include the botanical name if you know it, and any additional information about the plant that you think might be helpful to other gardeners.
Make sure you include an e-mail address or phone number so that people can contact you to arrange an exchange.

Finding the Seed You’re Looking For

Click on “listings” below the category of plant that you are interested in (Edible or Ornamental), then
1. Scroll through the listings, or
2. Use the “Find” feature to search for a particular plant name.


Any questions you have can be emailed to us at

Up Coming Events

Up Coming Events

The Future of Food- Introduction

This is the first part of a nine part documentary. You can check out the rest of the movie on YouTube.

Saving Tomato Seeds

The technique shown for saving tomato seeds can be applied to all juicy fruits where the seed is encased in a gelatinous substance, from cucumbers to passion fruits. Any seeds that are floating in the liquid after fermentation should be discarded as they are most likely not viable (won't germinate). Make sure you thoroughly dry the seed before storage to prevent rot. Seeds are best stored in a cool dry place.